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[Likewise Iran's President Ahmadinejad believes current events in the Middle East are a prelude to the arrival of the mythical twelfth Imam or Mahdi—the messianic figure Islamic scriptures say will lead the armies of Islam to victory over all non-Muslims in the last days - Ed]. "This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people's enemies before a New Age begins. ." Christians United for Israel—led by highly-influential Pastor John C. And taking the rhema without the Logos they try to interpret the Message by itself instead of taking it back to the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to rightly divide the Word of Truth. If it isn't according to the Word, then it's a wrong revelation" (Balm in Gilead, #61-0218; Acts ; Romans 3:3).According to French President Chirac, Bush told him that the Iraq war was needed to bring on the apocalypse . Hagee—is a universal call to all Christians to help factions in Israel fund the Jewish settlements, throw out all the Palestinians and lobby for a pre-emptive invasion of Iran. Full story: Comment: The second Coming of Christ was in 1963. February 22, 2012 — The entire human race is malnourished, starving for the basic nutrients of life. Through such disobedience people in the circle of this Message become as confused with Brother Branham's words as the denominationals are by the Words of Jesus Christ.Indeed, they would then be next on America's hit list. Full story: February 14, 2012 — Iran's Press TV news network has reportedly leaked intelligence exposing the American agenda in Syria.Our courageous remote control warriors, hunched over their keyboards far from the din of battle, may be able to rain down death and destruction on innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, meanwhile salving their consciences by calling their victims "terrorists," but there is nothing they can do with their drones to stop Iran's deadly missiles from blowing up American aircraft carriers or sinking oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. The report calls for the recognition of the Syrian National Council as the legitimate government and their positioning in Turkey to work against the Assad regime. The bottom line is this: Our popular dating systems are based upon a shabby pseudoscience which has acquired a blind popularity.If the regime fails to dissolve, Syrian state television channels will be taken down and Assad will be assassinated. But give it say 4 billion years and maybe a miracle will happen? and nothing has ever happened to make these date readings mean something else.Considering how other enemies of the West have fared in recent times, the sequence of events reported by Press TV would be largely unsurprising. Likewise, it is assumed that all natural processes have proceeded without interruption for millions of years . And don't earth's physical features look rather old?

With this thought in mind, have you observed how the wicked 'City of London' appears to be wreaking vengeance on the nations of the four Gentile world governments, beginning with Babylon (Iraq)?

The focus on the tragedy of Dresden often pushes aside the fact there were 61 Dresdens in Germany alone; what of France?

There numerous innocent towns and villages were vaporised.

Such a conflict would create detrimental implications for the global economy, potentially triggering a hyper-inflationary financial crisis. Understanding is faith; ignorance is faith's absence.

William Hague and billionaire financiers behind the civil society groups bestowing legitimacy to violent opposition actors are not the legitimate representatives of the Syrian people. I found that many knew, but were playing dumb—fearful of bucking the establishment. Another obvious example is the Lord's Supper which they transform to His breakfast or lunch, and like the heathen, vainly repeat His Words (Matthew 6:7; Matthew -30) believing the bread is not flour and water but His actual Body and the wine His literal blood.

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Washington would then task Turkey with sending troops into Syria to arm the opposition forces, followed by Wahhabi fighters and Libyan mercenaries. It's only a theory, but it says that life on earth is an accident, that we have evolved upward by mutations from mud to man.

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